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Aoyagi Ritsuka // 青柳立夏
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→ cat-like features
→ sixteen
→ japanese
→ runaway
→ grieving brother
→ abused child
→ vengeful

→ Ritsuka's mother was the subject of genetic experiments during her childhood and in order to escape the experimentation, she fled to France along with her husband. Yet, other than a certain level of mental instability, she did not seem to be altered in any way. However, the affects of the genetic experimentation became clear with the birth of her two sons, who were both born with cat-like ears and tails. However, even with this obvious mutation, Ritsuka was a social and cheerful child and, considering how different he looked, he managed to find a way to fit himself into a regular school. Yet, at the age of ten Ritsuka's personality changed drastically. He stopped making trying to fit in and he shut himself off from his friends while he focused on school work instead. Nor could he remember the way he had been before. It was as if the previous Ritsuka had 'died.'

Ritsuka's mother, who was mentally unstable to begin with, did not take well to this sudden change and she became convinced that the current Ritsuka was not her real son and that he was somehow a 'fake.' She was convinced that the 'real' Ritsuka would one day return. Eventually her suspicious behaviours escalated to full out abuse, but Ritsuka tolerated it with the help and protection of his older brother Seimei. Seimei was Ritsuka's moon and sun and after his personality switch he spent nearly all of his time with his brother. He rarely even slept in his own bed, preferring to sleep in his brother's, instead. Yet, Ritsuka was unaware of the double-life his brother was leading. So, Seimei's death was as much a mystery as a tragedy.

After Seimei's death, Ritsuka's life became a meaningless blur while the abuse he received at his mother's hands worsened. However, one day he discovered a locked file hidden on his computer which, was pass worded with his brother's secret name, 'Beloved.' Within this will it was clear that Seimei had left Ritsuka someone called "Agatsuma Soubi", but Ritsuka had never heard that name before in his life. It took extensive research, but eventually Ritsuka managed to find clues that suggested that this Soubi, had a connection with a city in Italy called Reggio Calabria. Yet, Ritsuka wasn't free to search for Soubi and it wasn't until after his sixteenth birthday that he was finally able to leave his home and his mother behind to set out to find his 'inheritance.'


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